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Unique and Custom-made Embroidered Patches in Chicago

“The Windy City”

Being the third-largest city and home of incredible architecture, rich museums, and gobs of midwestern history. With so much enrichment in the cultural art and history how one can be unaware of the patch usage to promote culture in this great American City?

Seeking Patch Designers in Chicago? Here We Come...

If you’re thinking about purchasing an embroidered patch that is custom-made to suit your needs, you must first know what the most ideal backing material for your design is. They improve your brand’s aesthetic and distinguish your company from others. And with a more unique and sophisticated design sense, these patches will be a powerful equipment for marketing and campaigns purposes.

The quality of embroidery of our patches is more than what our customers expect from us. It is perhaps an utmost concern to take your brand and motive to the next level. When you think about ordering custom patches in Chicago, Paragon Patches comes to mind first. We are your one-stop hub of all types, styles, designs, and materials of custom patches. From military to reunion feast celebrations, awareness of breast cancers to support the anti-racist awareness, Paragon Patches will always be there with creative ideas.

Paragon Patches Offers a broad range of custom-made embroidered patches in Chicago that best meet your needs. We stand behind every patch design and double-check every patch that we deliver.


Leave a lasting impression with your Custom Patch in Chicago

Paragon patches have been in the industry for the last decade. With our exceptional vast experience, we better know what our customers demand and how we have to assemble and deliver every single patch. With the advent of technology, we have always followed the latest development updates and upgraded our manufacturing equipment to best meet the client’s needs.

Today Paragon patches stand out from the rest just because of the technological advancement and fluency in our exceptional artistic designs. Go through our gallery and Place your Order.

Our professionals will accompany you while the creative process of sketching and beyond. Numerous backings and fabric material options are available that you can explore and finalize the best one as per your requirement. A final sample of the patch will be shared before starting the production of actual custom embroidered patches.

Paragon patches offer you the design, price, and deadline that best meet your needs. We at large, offer custom patches, woven patches, chenille patches, embroidered patches, rubber patches, hangtag, PVC patches rubber, and many to come. Visit our Website for more information and get a quick quote today.

Every Custom Patch is backed by our Outstanding Customer Service and 100% Quality Guarantee

Experience unparalleled customer service and a 100% quality guarantee with every custom patch. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Customer Satisfaction Is Priority:

  • Customer Satisfaction Is Priority:
  • Never-ending revisions
  • Unbeatable price
  • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Supportive customer representatives
  • Free Actual Sew Out

Top-Notch Quality with Durable Customized Patches:

We are offering high-standard and long-lasting custom patches to our customers. People who are leading teams and organizations and looking forward to promoting their brand can get this. Our vast lineup of high-end patches with bright colors and top-notch quality threads. They are available at an affordable price for everyone. Choose the design that matches your preferences, or get in touch with our representatives.

Top-Class Digitizing and Patching Business:

At Paragon Patches, we have skilled and devoted patch makers who put all of their efforts into bringing out an attractive patch for our customers that you can proudly boast about it. We are a company that was small back in the day, but now we are taking big steps. We have added new patches to our lineup. PVC patches, rubber patches, and chenille patches, to name a few. Get the morale patches in Chicago from our company if you want. Our digitizers are all set to produce and bring out the best patches.