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World-Class Custom Embroidered Patches in Portland To Elevate Your Brand

Paragon Patches in Portland: Where Your Style Meets Custom Patches

Located in the heart of Portland, a city renowned for its offbeat charm and the world’s Smallest Park, Paragon Patches opens the door to a world of custom embroidered patches that allow you to express your unique style on shirts, hats, beanies, backpacks, jackets, and so much more.


Portland's Custom Patch Oasis

Custom patches serve as powerful symbols of unity and identity, enabling swift recognition that bolsters your brand or organization’s image.

From personalized name patches to vibrant campaign patches, Paragon Patches unveils an extensive collection of custom embroidered patches in Portland. These patches are more than mere embellishments; they represent ranks in scouting, the spirit of sports teams, a business’s identity, an individual’s persona, military affiliations, biker clubs, camping enthusiasts, and scouting communities. Our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction is reflected in our unbeatable prices, so why wait? Order your custom patches now.

Mastering the Art of Patch-Making

Paragon Patches is a distinguished name in Portland, celebrated for its diverse range of design options, cutting-edge digitizing techniques, and top-tier printing for custom patches. Our state-of-the-art machinery makes sure that we can cater to orders of all sizes, meeting your every need.

Custom patches are meant to be attention-grabbing, whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing loyalty to a group, or sharing your culture while traveling. Paragon Patches offers a comprehensive collection of patch types, including embroidered patches, scout patches, chenille patches, PVC patches, logos, leather patches, rubber patches, and woven patches. Irrespective of the order size, we commit to providing affordability without compromising on quality.

The Best and the Most Vibrant Custom Patches in Portland

Paragon Patches is your destination for high-quality custom embroidered patches designed to help individuals, designers, teams, and organizations express their unique messages. With an extensive range of thread colors, patch types, and fabrics, all available at incredibly affordable prices, you can request an instant quote or drop us an email. Our seasoned professionals are here to help you bring your patch design to life.

The Customer Is At The Heart Of Our Business

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Unleash Your Imagination

Paragon Patches thrives on the idea that custom patches should be a canvas for your creativity. We believe that everyone, whether you’re a passionate outdoor explorer, an artist, a business owner, or part of a close-knit community, should have the opportunity to express their unique identity through patches.

Exploring the Custom Patch Frontier

Paragon Patches has risen from its humble beginnings as a small embroidered patch maker to a symbol of innovation and quality in the industry. Our commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology, maintaining premium quality, and catering to customer demands has elevated us to our current stature. We’re proud to offer a multitude of choices, from dye sublimation and chenille patches to woven patches, rubber patches, embroidery patches, simple woven patches, custom mission patches, and more. With a vast range of thread colors, patch types, and fabrics, you can request an instant quote or send us an email to refine and enhance your patch design.

Quality Meets Speed

Paragon Patches is your gateway to modern custom patch designs in Portland. We deliver an array of custom embroidered patches, including PVC patches, chenille patches, rubber patches, woven patches, and leather patches, accompanied by various backing options to suit your specific needs. With an extensive number of delighted customers, we’ve expanded our services to offer the best custom patches in Portland.