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Woven Patches vs. Embroidered Patches: Which Is Ideal

Patches have been around for a long time. These patches represent your brand or many other things. They come in all sizes and shapes. From small, medium, large to extra large. You will see these patches applied on shirts, caps, jackets, backpacks, and many more things. However, there has always been a question that clicks in everyone’s minds, which patch is better? Is it woven or embroidered? If you want to know more about it, keep going with this blog. You will get to know which patch is ideal for you. 

Woven Patch vs. Embroidered Patch:

Woven patches are done by stitching. It is a patch with threads that is turned into a piece of fabric. Meanwhile, the embroidered patches are achieved by interlacing threads. There’s one distinct difference in the looks of an embroidered patch to a woven patch. 

You will see a weave of the woven patch created with a thin thread, the same as a woven label. These thinner threads make a tighter weave, so there can be a lot of room for detail in the artwork. These threads provide a cleaner line with a flatter appearance. This is much closer to a printer look. The thickness of patch is streamlined and thin. 

Woven has fine and more graphic details in print. The embroidery has a different look because of the heavier thread. The threads used in these patches give a thicker feel, giving off a certain lift. It does give a three-dimensional look. 

Embroidered patch is an ideal option if you don’t have much text and detail on your patch. It will give a classic look. Meanwhile, the woven patch is clear for the designs, with very precise and small details. If your design has very fine lettering, then you might consider a woven patch over an embroidered patch.

With the woven label patches, due to the material and production process, a patch can only be made in a small size without losing integrity, even if you go to 1 inch. Woven patches feel light on your clothing, and you can place them inside or outside the clothing. Woven patches have thinner threads on them. 


For applying these patches, you can use the iron-on backing. This will be an easy application on hats, jackets, and backpacks. The adhesive backing is good for temporary uses on jackets and event IDs. Moreover, the hook and loop backing is ideal for easy on-off application. 


Embroidered patches utilize thick threads on a twill background fabric base. These patches are durable and won’t get off even if you let them go through many wash cycles. It will stick to your clothing or on anything that you have pasted it on. The embroidered patches won’t fade away. The color and crispiness will still look good even if you wash it many times.

As we know that woven patches use thinner threads without the anchoring base fabric. These are less durable than embroidered patches. However, these patches can also hold up against many cycles. These won’t come off anytime soon. You can still wash the things that have woven patches on them. The color won’t be fading anytime soon. It will still look good, like brand new. For instance, woven hat patches don’t come off that easily. They stay intact in there.

Final Thoughts:

Readers who want to know about the woven and embroidered patches, we hope that you know about these patches now. You can get the minimum number of custom-woven patches for your brand if you want to promote your brand.

Most of the time, many people take leather patches for jackets to promote their brand. You can also do it if you want.

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